SAA Pilots and Engineers in Wage Talks

09 July, 2002, JOHANNESBURG: South African Airways (SAA), South African Airways Pilots Association (SAAPA) and South African Airways Flight Engineers Association (SAAFEA) salary negotiators have acquired the services of a facilitator to help in their negotiations.

The airline and the unions have long reached an agreement on a 15% increase in 2002, but are still trying to find a common ground on SAA’s offer of a 12,5% increase next year. The 12.5% increase is linked to a reduction in meal allowances from $90 to $70.00 per day from 1 April 2003. This is in line with the reduction in meal allowances already accepted by the rest of the airline , including management. This year and next year’s increases are subject to certain improvements in the Pilots and Flight Engineers productivity.
The unions have been given the option of accepting either the offer for 2002/2003 alone or in conjunction with the offer for 2003/2004, at their discretion.

SAA and the unions are still trying to find common ground on the principles of parity remuneration with overseas pilots.
The increase offered to the pilots and Flight Engineers is substantially higher than what is being offered to the general body of staff, and SAA Management. For example, SAA management received a 5% salary increase with staff only getting a 7,8% rise.

SAA believes its offer of 15% this year and 12,5% next year is very reasonable considering that the flight deck crew belong to a high income grouping.