Biggest Print Advertising Campaign Launched

British Airways is launching its biggest yet print advertising campaign on Monday
(February 2 ).

Created for the airline by M&C Saatchi, its aim is to show many of the reasons why British Airways is the world`s favourite airline - from the spectacular, like Concorde, to the everyday, like free crayons and packs for young passengers and suit pressing in the Arrivals Lounge.

The £3 million campaign, which will feature at 2,000 poster sites across the country and in newspapers and magazines. is backed by seven months of research involving more than 500 passengers and staff from around the airline who were all asked for their ideas on what made British Airways special.

The first results to be seen will be 11 separate stories covering many aspects of the airline`s business from the power of Concorde to turn passengers into astronauts, the fun factor of the Skyflyers children`s product, the frequency of the Shuttle service and the comfort of the new Club World cradle seat. Further designs will follow in the second wave of the three-month campaign.

Martin George, British Airways Director of Marketing said: “The message is that it`s not just hard facts that makes British Airways the worlds favourite airline but also smaller more emotional things.”


Next month the highlight of this whole project will be unveiled - a huge 240 foot hoarding on London`s Cromwell Road - the largest ever on this famous road junction. The subject is a closely guarded secret but is described as a `stunner` by the agency`s creative team. As well as poster sites, the campaign will also appear in all the leading national newspapers with up to three advertisements in a single issue.

Richard Alford, Group Account Director at M&C Saatchi, said: ” Involving so many passengers and employees was an unusual approach but certainly seems to have paid off. The results are great fun and quite different from the traditional airline advertising.”

Among the first images to raise a smile will be an exploding apple, a pigeon turned passenger, a plane that`s as frequent as a taxi and an angelic tiny traveller.