Millennium Mums

It`s smocks away at British Airways as the airline reports a massive baby boom among its cabin crew.

Almost 600 of the 9482 Heathrow based stewardesses are pregnant - an increase of over 30 per cent compared to last year - with the babies scheduled to arrive around the Millennium.

All these “wide-bodied” ladies now have their feet - and swollen ankles - firmly on the ground to ensure the safety of their precious cargo.

Debbie Saville, from the airline`s Grounded Crew Unit, said: “Our head office and airport terminals are beginning to look like maternity clinics with so many pregnant stewardesses now working behind the desks. We pride ourselves on looking after all our Flying Mums - even when we`re faced with an epidemic.”

Theories behind the mass conception ranging from the miserable spring weather, to the lack of decent television or simply Millennium fever have all been circulating around Compass Centre, the cabin crew`s HQ at Heathrow.


And bets are on for who will be the first Millennium baby - but with British Airways` excellent punctuality record there could be a few early surprises.