World`s First Airline Seat For Toddlers Takes Off

London, Friday, July 30: The world`s first airline seats for the under twos take off on Sunday (August 1) with British Airways - making flying as a family child`s play.

Globetrotting toddlers will no longer have to sit on their parents` knees or lie in an in-flight carrycot, but can travel in safety and style with British Airways in their very own Infant seat - at no extra charge.

It has been designed by Britax, the UK`s leading manufacturer of children`s car seats. Over the past year, Britax has worked with the airline`s own engineers to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for British Airways` tiniest travellers at 35,000 feet, with the end result rigorously tested on the ground and in-flight.

Its development is the direct result of research carried out as part of the airline`s new World Traveller service which puts the emphasis firmly on the family.

Martin George, British Airways Director of Marketing, said: ” Parents told us that there was a real need for some kind of special seating for toddlers who are often too large to lie comfortably in airline carrycots or sit on their parent`s knee but too small to sit in an adult seat.”


These brightly-coloured Infant seats are suitable for babies from birth up to two years old. They fix securely on the bulkhead position and - unlike the existing flat carrycots - can be moved through a range of positions from horizontal to upright.

This allows the little ones direct eye contact with their Mum and Dad, making it easier to keep them happy during the flight.

Independent reviewer, Stephanie Neuman, Group Commercial Director from Mother & Baby Magazine, said: “The new infant seat offers the flexibility that parents need in-flight with small children. The range of positions will make it easier and safer for parents to take care of, and entertain, these tiny passengers.”

More than one thousand Infant seats will be available for booking on British Airways longhaul flights this summer, with plans to extend them to shorthaul services in the future.

Peter Archer, Managing Director, Britax, said; ” This has been an exciting challenge for Britax and we are delighted to be able to extend our expertise in child safety from the car to the air.”