All 12 resolutions put to the annual meeting of British Airways at the Barbican Centre, London, yesterday were overwhelmingly carried.

A poll was taken on every resolution. The results were as follows:

1 To receive and adopt the directors’ report and accounts: 302,924,294 for, 502,994 against.
2 To declare final dividend: 328,757,014 for, 439,815 against.
3 To re-elect Captain Colin Barnes as a director: 317,394,712 for, 11,815,498 against.
4 To re-elect Baroness O’Cathain as a director: 317,340,233 for, 11,865,636 against.
5 To elect Rod Eddington as a director: 327,564,655 for, 1,645,972 against.
6 To elect Martin Broughton as a director: 327,016,154 for, 2,187,864 against.
7 To elect Dr Martin Read as a director: 327,439,634 for, 1,769,055 against.
8 Re-appointment of auditors: 322,953,459 for, 4,678,608 against.
9 Remuneration of auditors: 328,176,008 for, 985,381 against.
10 Amendment to Article 114: 327,709,532 for, 1,410,391 against.
11 Amendment to Article 105 (D): 327,480,018 for, 1,616,672 against.
12 To approve British Airways New All Employee Share Ownership Plan: 327,854,812 for, 1,476,789 against.

Accordingly, resolutions 1 to 9 and 12 were passed as ordinary resolutions and resolutions 10 and 11 were passed as special resolutions.



The amendment to Article 114 deletes from the company’s articles of association some of the language relating to the Securities Seal, which is no longer used in issuing share certificates.

The amendment to Article 105 (D) avoids a restriction on the borrowing powers being imposed inadvertently as a result of changes in accounting rules imposed by the Accounting Standards Board.