`World`s Favourite` Launches Into Space

British Airways and BAA are launching into outer space with flights into the future that are “out of this world”.

The journey is at the heart of the Home Planet zone in the Millennium Dome at Greenwich co-sponsored by the airline and the airport group, to be unveiled on Monday (June 14).

From Home Planet visitors will be taken on a unique journey that allows them to visit the world from outer space.

The announcement marks a significant milestone - 200 days to December 31st -when the Dome will be formally opened by the Queen and Prime Minister Tony Blair at a ceremony hosted by Bob Ayling, British Airways Chief Executive and Chairman of New Millenium Experience Company.

The 65 metre wide Home Planet zone centres on a giant dome and is dominated by a 12 metre diameter floating model of the earth.


Bob Ayling said: “There`s no place like home and our Home Planet zone will literally be out of this world. It is another example of British creativity and innovation at its best. It complements the 13 other zones in the Dome which together offer a truly fantastic experience.”