The World`s First Flying Bacon Butty

British Airways is bringing home the bacon in style with the launch of the first flying breakfast butty.

A year of research has gone into solving one of the biggest problems facing the aviation industry - how to serve 200 hearty hot breakfasts at 35,000 ft in 15 minutes.

The answer is halfbaked - literally - with the creation of a unique custom-made hot baguette which holds its moisture at altitude and can be served by hand - without the need of the traditional trolley.

This seven inch miracle loaf will be packed with a range of traditional fillings from best British bacon to cheese, mushroom and tomato. There’s even a vegetarian version.

The British Airways baguette will be launched first on the eight return Shuttle flights which operate between London and Manchester every day - one of the shortest flights in the world to offer a full catering service.


The butties are the brainchild of British Airways’ own catering team and
Leicester-based speciality baker, Deli France.

The airline also developed a clever oven-proof box which holds the hot baguette, and means an end to the airline trolley on this route, with cabin crew handing out breakfast boxes from specially-designed baskets.

Jane Creasy, the British Airways boss for Operation Bacon Butty, said: “Our research clearly showed that on a short morning flight like this, nothing can beat a high quality, simple but great British bacon butty.”

More than 900 slices of bacon, 19,000 grammes of cheese and 1,900 slices of tomato will be used to fill the daily supply of 1,600 baguettes.

Fillings will change regularly to tempt the tastebuds of even the most frequent passengers and on-going research is looking into brand new ideas including savoury breads and pastries, filled croissants and panninis.

“The potential is limitless, but whether people will want a chocolate and avocado roll for breakfast is questionable!” added Jane.