Supersonic Birthday

A British Airways Concorde takes-off today to celebrate her 30th anniversary.

The airline’s flagship aircraft returns ‘home’ to Filton in Bristol to re-enact her maiden journey which took place on April 9, 1969.

Captain Jock Lowe, Commercial Manager for Concorde, said: “Concorde is a fabulous technical achievement, it was light years ahead of its time, and still is. It looks beautiful, feels beautiful and is a joy to fly.

“Concorde has been an icon ever since the day she was created, and I still get excited even now after 20 years from when I first flew.”

Travelling down memory lane today - but at twice the speed of sound and faster than a bullet - will be Concorde’s first Captain, Brian Trubshaw. He will be joined by one of Concorde’s senior pilots, Captain Mike Bannister, who will fly the aircraft at supersonic speed from Filton out over the Bay of Biscay returning to Filton later in the day.