Ahead By A Nose

A revolutionary new service not to be sniffed at is being launched by British Airways.

From today, the airline is bringing the smell of freshly cut grass and the scent of the sea into Heathrow’s Terminal Four.

Generated from specially designed, heated capsules hidden at floor level, these therapeutic aromas are just one of the many inventive new services offered in the revitalised British Airways Arrivals Lounge.

Re-designed around the theme of a garden terrace, the new Lounge brings the outdoors indoors by making maximum use of natural daylight, material and textures, relaxing sounds and smells.

The waft of the ocean and fragrance of newly mowed meadows were chosen from a selection of 100 different smells - ranging from leather to chocolate - because of their uplifting and stimulating qualities.


They drift around all the many different areas in the two-storey Arrivals Lounge including Terrace Dining, The Combiz Business Centre , Mini Gym and Shower Suites.

The Lounge also houses the first ever Molton Brown Travel Spa, from the famous English cosmetic company.

Tracy Bates, Lounge Development Manager, said: ” We know that more and more passengers are going straight into the office after a night flight and what they desperately wanted was somewhere to set themselves up for the day ahead. Little touches like these smells seemed to do the trick.”

More than 70,000 business men and women are expected to use the new aroma-filled Arrivals Lounge every year with each spending an average of just 20 minutes in the area.

With time at a premium, Molton Brown has devised a range of treatments to swiftly pummel and pamper passengers into action. A team of its expert therapists will be on hand to caress away aching necks and swollen feet.

Many of the products used have been designed specifically for the Spa and the range will be regularly updated with new items before they reach the shops.

Charles Denton, Molton Brown’s Sales Director, said: ” We have developed a whole range of products for travellers, which together with our special beauty treatments, offer the ideal start to the day for British Airways passengers.”

Outside the Spa, on the First Floor, is a state-of-the-art mini-gym where keep-fit enthusiasts can cycle away their stresses and work up an appetite for a hot breakfast personally boiled, fried or scrambled by the resident British Airways Chef.

Downstairs in the Shower Suite, things really get steamy with even the passengers’ clothes given the five star treatment. They are individually valeted, while their owners blast themselves with the latest all round body jet showers from Pharo Hansgrohe, who approached British Airways with his designs after flying regularly on the airline’s overnight services.

The Arrivals Lounge is open to all First and Business Class passengers from 6am until 7pm. It is sited landside in Heathrow’s Terminal Four.