SWISS to Names Aircraft After Swiss Mountains

SWISS has decided to name all the aircraft in its fleet after mountains in its home country of Switzerland.  The concept is designed to reflect the strong tradition of Á¤SwissnessÁ¬ which the new Swiss airline is striving to embody.  The naming policy will also help strengthen the new carrierÁ?s corporate identity and design.

Alongside watches and chocolate, the Alps are perhaps Switzerlands best-known trademark abroad.  This, too, is a reason why Swiss has decided to name all its aircraft after the countryÁ?s principal peaks. 

The aircraft of the long-haul fleet will receive the names of mountains whose summits are higher than 4000 metres ÁV peaks like the Dufourspitze, the Zumsteinspitze, the Signalkuppe, the Dom, the Lyskamm and the Weisshorn.  The first of the new Airbus A340-300s currently on order will be given the name Matterhorn upon delivery in summer 2003.

The short-haul fleet will be named after Swiss mountains, too.  The choice here will include the highest or best-known summit in each of Switzerlands cantons the Uetliberg for Canton Zurich, for example, or St. Chrischona for Basel-Stadt.  The policy is a gesture of thanks to the cantons for their financial commitment to the new SWISS airline.  The short-haul fleet namings will begin with the arrival of the Embraer 170.

The new names should be finalised by the end of the year.  And, with 2002 having been declared the International Year of Mountains by the United Nations, the names will be officially announced on the Bettmeralp on July 6, as part of the Swiss Mountain Summer event to be held on the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO world heritage site.