Airbus - Delivery Outlook for 2003

As stated by Airbus CEO No‘l Forgeard on various occasions over the past months, Airbus is now, at the end of the second quarter of the year, in a position to confirm its delivery forecast for 2003. After a very thorough analysis and an extensive evaluation of all contractual commitments, Airbus confirms that, in current market conditions, it expects to deliver 300 aircraft next year, of which some 70 are widebody airliners and 230 are single aisles. This is in the upper range of our former forecast, and will enable Airbus to maintain about the same level of deliveries as in 2002. This confirmation of the 2003 deliveries has been reviewed and approved by the Airbus shareholders.

It is of course premature to make any prognosis regarding deliveries beyond 2003. Thanks to the flexibility of its industrial system, Airbus is continuing to fine-tune its production capability to adjust to future demand, be it through an increase or, should any unexpected event affect the world economy, through a decrease.

With 160 aircraft delivered by the end of June, Airbus is well on track to deliver 300 aircraft by the end of this year, as expected.