KLM: Traffic 2% Below Last Year`s Level

Overall Traffic: In June, overall traffic was down 2% on last year, whereas in May overall traffic was still 4% lower than last year. As capacity was 5% lower, the overall load factor increased by 2 percentage points to 79.6%.

Passenger Traffic
Passenger traffic in June was 7% lower, while capacity was 5% lower than in the same period last year. Consequently, passenger load factor declined 1.6 percentage points. This decline is fully attributable to the disappointing performance on South Atlantic routes, mainly due to the unstable economic and political situation in the area. All other route areas developed positively and reported load factors at or above last year’s levels.
On the North Atlantic routes, capacity was gradually increased to a level 23% lower than last year, compared to a level of 34% lower in April and 28% lower in May. As traffic in this route area was down by 22%, passenger load factor improved to 88.5%. Business class load factor improved once again during June. 

Cargo Traffic

In June, cargo traffic was up 5% on last year. As capacity dropped 3%, cargo load factor rose significantly by 5.8 percentage points to 73.6%.
As in the previous month, particularly traffic on Asia Pacific routes as well as on African routes showed a considerable year-on-year improvement. Cargo traffic was lower on North Atlantic routes, mainly due to a decrease in capacity, with an improvement in cargo load factor of 2.2 percentage points to 74.4%.