Airline First For Health Advice

British Airways today becomes the first UK airline to provide travel health advice on-line.

Developed by the airline’s team of health experts, the new website aims to answer a host of travel health questions, including recent concerns such as deep vein thrombosis through to more practical advice on jet lag, fear of flying and facts about cabin air quality.

The website is split into three sections providing travel advice - before, during and after a flight - with a guide for health professionals to help them assess the suitability of flying for their patients.

Launching the new site, Dr Sandra Mooney, British Airways’ Director of Health Services, said: “For many years British Airways’ Health Services department has provided advice to customers and health professionals through a 24-hour helpline and our in-flight magazine Highlife.

“As a health professional I am concerned about the misinformation I read in some publications on the effects of flying and health.


“We are excited about the launch of the new website which we hope will address the issues most frequently asked by our customers.”

The address of the new web-site is