New Look For British Airways

British Airways is to create a new uniform for the 21st century.

More than 40,000 staff worldwide, including cabin crew and flight crew will be involved in shaping the new look.

A questionnaire has been sent to all customer contact staff of mainline British Airways and its franchisees asking them for their views. At the same time a dozen top designers are being consulted.

Martin George, British Airways’ Director of Marketing, said:
“Our uniform is one of the most powerful symbols of the British Airways brand and it is important that it is worn with pride by our people on the ground and in the air.”

“We want to create a stylish and contemporary uniform that our people will like and feel good about. The current uniform has served us very well, but now it is time for a change.”


The uniform has to meet the demands of different climates and cultures - from tropical to arctic and from sea level to 55,000 ft.