Oneworld? Makes European Travel Easier Than Ever

Flying around Europe has been made easier and better value than ever for visitors from other continents with oneworld? member airlines introducing the most flexible and best value multi-airline air ticket of its kind.

The oneworld Visit Europe ticket offers as many flights as required across the European and North African networks of any of the alliance’s European members - Aer Lingus, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia, plus affiliates BASE (of the Netherlands), British Regional Airlines, Brymon Airways, CityFlyer Express, Deutsche BA, GB Airways, Loganair, Maersk Air, National Jet Italia, Sun-Air, Binter Mediterraneo, and Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum). oneworld members outside Europe are American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, LanChile and Qantas and their affiliates, and British Airways’ affiliates British Mediterranean and Comair.

oneworld’s European members serve some 200 destinations in almost 50 countries in Europe and North Africa, including virtually all the continent’s leading cities.

Travellers can use the ticket for just two flights within Europe - or as many more as they like. Prices depend on the number of flights required and the length of each flight.

Each flight of
Q up to 249 miles (398 kms) costs just US$60 (A$100, C$90 HK$465, S$105, NZ$125, or equivalent in local currency)
Q between 250 and 399 miles (400 - 638 kms) US$80 (A$130, C$115, HK$620, S$135, NZ$165, or equivalent in local currency)
Q between 400 and 899 miles (640 - 1,438 kms) US$120 (A$195, C$175, HK$935, S$205, NZ$245, or equivalent in local currency)
Q between 900 and 1,199 miles (1,440 - 1,918 kms) US$140 (A$230, C$205, HK$1,090, S$240, NZ$285, or equivalent in local currency)
Q 1,200 miles (1,920 kms) or more, US$190 (A$310, C$280, HK$1,480, S$325, NZ$385, or equivalent in local currency).


oneworld makes European travel easier…2

That would make a typical European tour - flying from London to Dublin, then on to Paris and Madrid - cost just US$320.

Peter Buecking, oneworld’s Managing Partner, said: “The oneworld Visit Europe ticket has got to be the best way for travellers to Europe to tour around Europe and North Africa. Many airlines offer their own European airpass - but these virtually always require passengers to travel back to the airline’s home base each time before flying on to their next destination. Our new oneworld visit Europe ticket enables people for the first time to switch across the networks of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia and their affiliates.

“Flying around Europe has never been so easy or such great value.”