Concorde Operations Resume

British Airways confirmed this morning that it will continue Concorde operations today.

The first supersonic departure will be the BA001, scheduled to leave Heathrow at 10.30 am BST and arrive at New York at 9.45 am EST, with the BA002 due to lift off from JFK at 8.30 am EST, landing at Heathrow Terminal 4 at 5.25 pm.

Mike Street, Director of Customer Services and Operations, said: “British Airways’ first concern always is safety. All our aircraft are subject to continuing and exhaustive safety checks.

“We have complete confidence in our Concorde aircraft. We cancelled last night’s two services, while initial information on the Air France tragedy was still coming in.

“Now we have had initial information from Air France and other relevant organisations from yesterday’s incident. We have carried out extensive checks overnight to our Concordes operating today - to engines, airframe, hydraulic and other systems. We have liaised closely with the relevant air safety authorities and the aircraft and engine manufacturers.


“We believe there is no technical, safety or operational evidence to suggest that Concorde should not operate safely into the future. We have had no information from Air France or the French or British airworthiness authorities which leads us to believe that we should ground British Airways’ Concorde fleet.

“Meantime, our thoughts and sympathies remain with our colleagues at Air France, and all those involved in this tragedy. We have been in touch with Air France regularly since yesterday’s tragedy and have offered any assistance we can provide.”

The airline last night and this morning briefed passengers booked on this morning’s flight on its plans, and all were offered the opportunity to switch to subsonic aircraft.

British Airways services to and from Paris Charles de Gaulle are expected to operate as normal today.