Tea Is Served Sky-High

British Airways is introducing on board its longhaul services one of Britain’s best loved traditional rituals - high tea.

With the help of renowned cook and food writer Frances Bissell, passengers will be able to enjoy such classic dishes as toad-in-the-hole, Cornish pasty, Glamorgan sausages and Arbroath smokies. To be followed by familiar favourites like fresh cherry cake, sticky whisky cake and ginger cake.

Also, afternoon tea, first enjoyed in the 18th century by aristocrats, such as Anna, Duchess of Bedford, is also being relaunched with mouth-watering new sandwiches - strictly no crusts - with fillings like poached salmon with horseradish cream and cucumber, curried egg mayonnaise and mango butter and potted chicken with lemon pepper, accompanied by treacle tart, Eccles cakes, flapjacks and curd tarts.

High tea dates back to the 19th century when it was originally the working man’s supper, dinner having been taken at midday. It became popular in Victorian households generally. Since then, the tradition has continued in many parts of rural Britain, but has largely been forgotten by metropolitan society.

David Stockton, British Airways Manager Global Catering Research and Design, said: “Tea is one of Britain’s favourite traditions and a ritual recognised worldwide. We wanted to re-introduce some of our best loved dishes and show the world that simple British cooking is best.”