CityFlyer Express Orders New Jets

British Airways subsidiary CityFlyer Express has today confirmed an order for six new Avro RJ100 jets and taken options on six RJX 100s.

The aircraft will be used on selected routes currently operated by ATRs and on some new CityFlyer routes.

The current fleet of 10 RJ100 aircraft will be boosted to 16 when the final jet has been delivered.

Delivery of the aircraft, manufactured in Woodford near Manchester, is scheduled from this November through to April 2001.

The firm order is valued at $180 million. The ‘list price’ for the combined order and options is valued at around $360 million.


CityFlyer was the UK launch customer for British Aerospace Regional Aircraft when it placed its first order for two jets with options on two more in 1997. Since introducing the jets, CityFlyer passenger carryings have increased by 88 per cent to more than 1.7 million last year(1999/2000) and turnover by 94 per cent.

Brad Burgess, Managing Director CityFlyer, said: “Our customers will benefit from improved comfort levels and shorter journey times as we switch more and more turboprop flying to jet services. Following the introduction of these six RJ100s next winter, some 85 per cent of our passengers will be travelling on jets.

“The improved scheduling flexibility and efficiencies created by the larger RJ fleet will allow four RJs to replace the work of five ATR turbo props. At the same time we are evaluating additional flying from Gatwick which may include adding the Gatwick to Toulouse and Bordeaux services, currently operated for British Airways by Air Liberte, to our growing route portfolio.”