Monkey Business

Europe’s largest shipment of rescued monkeys will arrive at Heathrow from Taiwan tomorrow (Wednesday, July 19) with a little help from British Airways.

The primates - eight gibbons and one orang-utan - have been rescued by experts from Monkey World in Dorset after being smuggled illegally into Taiwan as pets.

They can now look forward to life in 40 acres of Dorset woodland instead of cramped cages and unhealthy living conditions.

Monkey World asked British Airways to help with the rescue mission because of its expertise in transporting animals all over the world. The airline also has a long history of providing free cargo space to Monkey World.

Gareth Kirkwood, Managing Director of World Cargo, said: “We were pleased to be able to help. It is quite a long journey for the nine animals to make but we are reassured that they are going to a great new home.”


For further information please contact Amanda Allan or Sarah James at the British Airways Press Office on (+44)020 8738 5100.