Cabbies Get Behind Biggest Wheel

London’s cabbies are to be put to the test next week.

Their fabled ‘knowledge’ of the capital will be tested from the top of the British Airways London Eye - the world’s biggest observation wheel.

The 450ft high attraction will be opened up early next week to enable thousands of cabbies to get a bird’s eye view of the city for up to 25 miles radius.

From the 32 fully enclosed glass capsules they will be able to spot famous landmarks from Nelson’s Column to Crystal Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral to the new Tate Modern building.

Paul Moreton, British Airways London Eye Head of Marketing, said: ” London’s taxi drivers are renowned worldwide for their ‘knowledge’ of London. We’d like them to help us put London’s newest landmark well and truly on the map. They are our greatest ambassadors in promoting London’s top attractions to tourists. “


The attraction will be opened for cabbies only between 8-9am on June 19/20/22/23.