Rod Eddington Appointed Chief Executive

British Airways today announced the appointment of Rod Eddington as its new Chief Executive. Mr Eddington joins the company from the position of Executive Chairman at Ansett Holdings and Deputy Chairman of News Limited.

Mr Eddington is one of the most experienced and recognised leaders in the world airline industry having worked for Cathay Pacific for 18 years and becoming Managing Director in 1992, before joining News Corporation and heading up Ansett in 1997. Mr Eddington’s drive in leading Ansett’s business recovery programme has helped put the airline on a profitable footing, delivering a quality service to customers and preparing for its upcoming integration with Air New Zealand.

The Chairman of British Airways, Lord Marshall, will hand over the role of Chief Executive to Mr Eddington on May 1st.

Mr Eddington said: “I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to lead this great company. British Airways has a fine, professional workforce with a strong focus on customer service and an outstanding record in setting standards in the airline industry. This is a global business and an increasingly competitive one and we have to provide the right products and services in order to maintain and extend our competitive advantage.

“Our ability to meet this challenge depends on our people delivering the service that customers want. It is my job to empower the organisation to be able to do that. People are the lifeblood of any airline and it is the people of British Airways, both as individuals and as a team, who will deliver its future success. I look forward to meeting as many as possible over the coming weeks and months and listening to what they have to tell me about how we can further improve our products and service. I also look forward to meeting our customers, investors and other key stakeholders in the business.”


Lord Marshall, British Airways Chairman, said: “I am delighted to be announcing the appointment of Rod Eddington today. He has a well-deserved reputation in the airline industry for his leadership, people and management skills. To run British Airways, the Board looked for someone with the necessary people skills, someone who knew how to run a large organisation with millions of customers and who had the experience of working in different countries with different cultures. Rod has these qualities. With his complete commitment to staff and customer service, I have no doubt that he is the right man to carry the airline forward, ensuring that British Airways delivers the level of service that our customers expect.”