Amadeus preferred Partner For Reservation System

British Airways today announced a new partnership with Amadeus, a leading provider of distribution systems and services to the travel industry.

The 10 year contract for information technology will transfer management of the airline’s flight booking, departure control, inventory and related information systems to Amadeus. In addition, Amadeus will take over the British Airways Speedwing contracts to provide these services to other airlines.

The move will allow British Airways to operate its core commercial systems more effectively and improve time to market, delivering better functionality, faster and cheaper.

No job losses will result from the move. The airline’s 250-strong Information Management and Speedwing teams supporting these systems will be offered the choice of transferring their existing contracts to Amadeus or being seconded as British Airways’ employees.

Bryan Wilson, British Airways’ Director of Information Management, said today: “We chose Amadeus because it combined an exciting vision to support the new world of e-commerce with the practical advantages of being an excellent provider of reservations systems and technical capability to deliver the new generation of departure control and inventory systems.


“There will be an inevitable consolidation of airline systems as hardware and network costs fall in relation to software development and support costs and we will be able to save costs by moving to a shared system while still investing in functions to distinguish British Airways from its competitors.”

The existing system would have required continuous investment in upgrading to ensure it was compatible with the airline’s evolving business needs.

The detailed contract negotiations will now begin and, if successful, are expected to conclude in the summer.