FAA`s Flight Service Stations Receive New Equipment

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of
Transportation’s Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) announced today
the installation of new equipment that
will increase efficiency and capacity
for hundreds of thousands of general
aviation users.  Flight service station
specialists in Anderson, S.C., this
month began using the Operational and
Supportability Implementation System

OASIS is a program to modernize 61
automated flight service stations in
all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  These
stations provide in-flight planning and
up-to-date weather information to
general aviation pilots. 

OASIS consists of commercial-off-the-
shelf hardware and software to combine
weather, flight plan and aeronautical
database information within a single
system.  Currently, specialists use two
different systems to retrieve
information.  Specialists will be able
to perform their jobs more efficiently
by combining all the information they
need on a single system. With up-to-
date weather information, specialists
can effectively identify areas affected
by storms. 

Twelve flight service stations will
receive OASIS by December 2003.