KLM Introduces Watchlist on Unruly Passengers

AMSTELVEEN, July 1, 2002 - KLM will introduce a Watchlist on Unruly Passengers tomorrow, July 2. Passengers who jeopardize safety on board or mistreat KLM personnel on the ground will be placed on the Watchlist, which will be jointly implemented by KLM, KLM uk and KLM cityhopper and linked to reservations systems worldwide.

The Watchlist will be subdivided into a No Fly List and a Selectee List. Passengers who engage in gross misconduct will be placed on the No Fly List and barred from all KLM flights for a period of no less than five years. Passengers who engage in less serious misconduct will be placed on the Selectee List and will, for a specified period of time, only be allowed to fly KLM under certain conditions.

KLM Security Services and KLM Legal Services will bear joint authority for placing passengers on the list. They will do so only on the grounds of clear reports submitted by frontline personnel in accordance with stipulated procedures.

With the introduction of the Watchlist, KLM has stressed once more that it will not tolerate misconduct. The airline has, for some time, been pursuing a policy intended to prevent disruptions and discomfort caused by unruly and aggressive passengers. The Watchlist meets the objectives of this policy, which aim to guarantee flight safety, prevent recidivism, and protect passengers and personnel.

KLM and its partners are currently working on a common Watchlist on Unruly Passengers that will apply for the entire alliance.