Five More Trophies for the Varig Gallery

For the third consecutive year, VARIG has been recognized for its excellent onboard service in a presentation ceremony of the 16th Onboard Service Awards, an annual event of Onboard Services Magazine, the largest and most traditional international publication dedicated to the air transport industry.

In the category Tableware, the judges awarded the DIAMOND AWARD for the line of onboard lunch boxes used for the “Express Meal” and the creative way in which VARIG uses the space on the boxes to display Brazilian art, as well as to communicate with its customers and to generate revenue by way of the sale of that media onboard. The other DIAMOND AWARD was given for the new VARIG Baby Kit.

Within the Entertainment category, the video “Boa Via gem”, with tips on exercising and health onboard, received an EMERALD AWARD, for the quality of production and VARIG`s concern for its customers.

VARIG also received “Honorable Mention” for the series Brazilian Look, where famous Brazilians explain how to understand and take advantage of the VARIG destinations around the world. The fifth prize, another EMERALD was indirectly won by VARIG by way of the company that produces the new First Class kits, the North-American WASCO: a comfort kit that transforms into an elegant and useful travel bag.