Go Set to Outstrip BMI on Edinburgh to East Midlands

Go has captured 45% of the market from Edinburgh to East Midlands after only a few weeks on the route. We introduced one daily flight on 15 March between Edinburgh and East Midlands and added a second daily flight on 22 May.

`We have already taken an astonishing share of the market and we`ve only been on the route since the middle of March, explained Go`s Scottish sales manager Yvonne Work. `With fares starting at £13.35 one way we are attracting large numbers of passengers who could not afford to travel before. And those who did travel are flying more often.`

Go predicts that it will steadily grow its share of traffic on this route and the Glasgow to East Midlands route where a twice daily service started on 22 May.

`We have forced BMI to reduce their prices to keep pace with us. As a result the overall number of people flying from Edinburgh to East Midlands with both airlines has jumped an astonishing 176% compared to the previous May.`

However, Go argues that BMI will find it increasingly difficult to keep up to Go`s pace.


`BMI doesn`t have the cost structures of a low cost airline`, explains Work. `It will have great difficulty sustaining any low fares offering long term - and the public know it`.