Rod Eddington Responds To Media Speculation Over Company`s Future Direction

British Airways Chief Executive Officer, Rod Eddington, has given his response to media speculation in the UK regarding future job losses and network changes at the airline.

Mr Eddington said: “Some of this weekend’s newspapers in the UK contained speculation about British Airways` future, including completely unfounded estimates of possible jobs cuts.

“As has been announced, there is a team of senior BA managers looking closely at what the future size and shape of our airline should be in the light of the crisis facing the aviation industry.

“However, nothing has yet been decided and there are no firm decisions expected until February at the earliest. The reports in this weekend’s newspapers represent the inevitable media speculation surrounding our business at this time.”

British Airways recently launched its “Future Size and Shape” project which will involve an internal review of its network and operations.


The project team is made up of five senior managers from across the business including representatives from finance, marketing, network planning, economics and an area general manager.