Concorde Returns To Barbados

The world’s fastest passenger jet returns to Barbados this Saturday, December 1.

The airline will operate a once a week scheduled service to the island from Heathrow until April 13, 2002. The average flight time between London Heathrow and Barbados is three hours and fifty minutes. A subsonic aircraft such as a Boeing 747, flying the same distance, averages a flight time of eight hours fifty minutes.

The flight departs Saturdays at 9.30am UK time and arrives in Barbados three hours and fifty minutes later at 9.45am local time. The return departs Barbados on Saturdays at 11.45am local time and arrive at Heathrow at 8.00pm UK time.

Rod Eddington, British Airways’ chief executive, said: “We are delighted that bookings for Concorde to Barbados are so strong. We are working with many tour operators in the UK to put together special competitively priced Concorde inclusive packages.”

“Concorde bookings to New York are also going extremely well and since November 7 when the airline re-started scheduled services load factors have consistently been in excess of 70 per cent.”