Check-In, Log-On And Surf With British Airways And Compaq

British Airways and Compaq Global Services Announce Wireless Access at New York’s JFK Airport

From the 22nd October, British Airways passengers - whether in the bar, restaurant, library, or relaxing in the lounge - can connect to online services within the Terraces lounges at New York’s JFK Airport, thanks to innovative wireless technology from Compaq.

British Airways has teamed up with Compaq to give customers the opportunity to try out the latest iPAQ pocket PCs in the airline’s lounges at JFK. Connected to a Compaq wireless network, the iPAQs will give passengers real-time access to a virtual mobile office, enabling them to surf the Internet, send and receive emails and make purchases online from anywhere in the lounge.

Passengers will be able to borrow an iPAQ at the reception of the First and Terraces lounges. An on-site service desk is available for support in the lounges, with staff demonstrating the features of the iPAQ for those passengers wishing to use the service during their visit.

Kevin George, Senior Manager, British Airways, said: “This is part of BA’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative technology to enhance the customer’s travel experience. We are helping our customers stay in reach of their home or office whenever they travel with us.”


“This unique partnership ensures travelers are never out of touch with the home or office,” said Peter Blackmore, executive vice president, global sales and services, Compaq Computer Corporation. “The e-mail function enables travelers to pick up and respond to messages, while Internet access delivers a wide range of services, including the ability to check data and monitor share prices.”

In addition to e-mail and Internet functionality, the iPAQ Pocket PC devices enable British Airways’ customers to create Word and Excel documents, view and project PowerPoint presentations and video, download music and edit video and audio.

The program at JFK will run for an initial trial period until 18 November 2001.