British Airways To Take Part In DVT Research

British Airways today pledged to take part in Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) research and welcomed news of the research by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This follows an announcement by the World Health Organisation that they have now completed the research proposals and are inviting airlines to take part.

Commenting on the research, Dr David Flower, Senior Consultant Occupational Physician for British Airways, said, “We are looking forward to receiving a copy of the WHO’s research proposals and we agree with the medical community that current research into DVT is inadequate. We are keen to learn more about DVT and the links, if any with flying.

“We share the view of the medical community that immobility is a key factor in the development of DVT and for many years have been advising our passengers to do exercises on-board or to seek further advice from their G.P if they have any pre-disposing risk factors.

“However, there is no conclusive evidence to show a link between the flight environment which is a factor in developing DVT. This piece of important research should address this.”


“In the meantime British Airways will continue to provide passengers with advice and information on DVT and other health issues through our healthy journey leaflet, in-flight magazine, on-board Well Being video and our health website.

The airline has been involved in health research studies in the past which include Dr Patrick Kesteven’s research into DVT at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.