Concorde Taxi-Trial

Concorde is scheduled for a taxi-trial at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, July 4 at 1700 as part of its return to service programme.

The aircraft, Alpha Foxtrot, will be towed from the British Airways engineering base at Hatton Cross, across East Church Road which is its normal route. It will then taxi around the airfield and then return to the engineering base.

During the one hour exercise, flight crew and engineering staff will check all of the systems that Concorde uses before take-off and after landing. These will include the steering, braking, communication and navigation computers.

Alpha Foxtrot was the first aircraft to be fitted with the Kevlar-rubber compound fuel tank liner modification. The wiring in the undercarriage has also been strengthened and it has just completed extensive ground tests to measure the effect of the liners on the fuel transfer systems and their weight implication.

Verification flights will be scheduled following completion of this stage of the programme.