Update - BA572 Diverts To Geneva

British Airways can confirm that all passengers were evacuated safely and without injury from this morning`s BA572 London Heathrow to Milan (Malpensa airport) which diverted into Geneva.

All 91 passengers and seven crew exited the 757 down four slides from the right hand side of the aircraft.

The Captain of the flight took the decision to divert into Geneva approximately one hour into the flight following an indication that the aircraft was experiencing a suspected fuel leak.

The Captain explained the situation to the passengers and advised them that they were diverting into Geneva.

The aircraft landed safely.


Passengers were taken into the terminal building and met by British Airways staff. All passengers were given access to a medical team and no injuries were reported.

Onward travel arrangements have been made for passengers.

An internal British Airways investigation into the technical problem which led to the diversion has already started.

Relatives or friends requiring further information should call 0845 604 0171 from the UK or +44208 283 9666 from overseas.