Traffic And Capacity Statistics - April 2001

The presentation of monthly traffic and capacity statistics has changed, with effect from the start of the new financial year. The sale of Air Liberté, the prospective sale of Go and the integration of CityFlyer Express with mainline operations at Gatwick has left Deutsche BA as the only ‘non-mainline’ flying subsidiary. The impact of Deutsche BA on total Group figures is very small and therefore only consolidated figures for the total Group will be presented. Last year’s statistics have been restated.

Summary of the headline figures
Capacity in April, measured in Available Seat Kilometres, was 9.1 per cent below April 2000. Traffic, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres, fell 13.3 per cent. The combined impact of the computer systems outage in March and foot and mouth disease is estimated to account for around one-third of the decline in traffic. The reduction in traffic comprised an 8.4 per cent decline in premium traffic and a 14.2 per cent fall in non-premium traffic. Passenger load factor of 68.9 per cent was 3.4 points lower than April 2000. Cargo, measured in Cargo Tonne Kilometres, fell by 7.4 per cent.

Market conditions
The testing market conditions and softer revenue highlighted last month have continued. The slowdown in the US economy has come quite rapidly, accounting for an estimated 2 percentage points of the overall drop in traffic. April saw Club World volumes on routes embodied with the new products continue to perform well, but overall volumes in this cabin declined.

Oil and fuel prices have increased through the course of April. Based on current forward curves, it is estimated that the total fuel bill for the year to March 2002 will be around £100 million higher than for the year just ended.

Strategic developments
British Airways welcomed the decision by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry to clear the offer and not to refer the proposed acquisition of the British Regional Air Lines Group (BRAL) to the Competition Commission. The recommended cash offer of 120p per share values the entire issued share capital of BRAL at approximately £78 million. By the initial offer closing date on April 18, British Airways had received valid acceptances from BRAL shareholders representing 79.9 per cent of the share capital of the Group. The offer period has been extended to May 9.


British Airways announced discounts off tickets bought via the airline’s website - Passengers will benefit from a discount of £3 for domestic and shorthaul flights and £5 for longhaul journeys. The discount will apply to all bookings and journeys to and from the UK and will include franchise partners.

British Airways and Iberia extended their code-sharing arrangements to longhaul routes. British Airways’ BA code will be added to Iberia’s six weekly flights between Madrid and Lima. Iberia’s IB code will be placed on five weekly British Airways’ flights between London Heathrow and Bangkok.

British Airways and Genie, BT’s mobile Internet portal, announced that they have joined forces to provide British Airways’ flight availability, status and check-in services via mobile Internet. Available now, the services are accessible exclusively through the travel area on Genie’s mobile Internet portal ( and through British Airways’ web and WAP sites ( and