Passengers Greet The Queue Busting

British Airways stepped into the future today and became the world’s first airline to trial the Xybernaut “queue buster”, a portable computer check-in device.

British Airways check-in agents based in Terminal 4 donned cyber-style equipment designed to terminate queues by enabling them to rove the terminals to carry out on the spot check-ins.

The technology was only previously used by army engineers in remote locations to view on-line repair manuals.

The computer comprises a keyboard worn on the check-in agents forearm, a head mounted mini display comparable to a 15 inch full-screen and a battery worn on a belt.

The trial is taking place over three days, starting today and has been extremely well received by passengers intrigued by the technology and impressed with the efficiency of the futuristic device.


Commenting on the equipment Helen Wilson, British Airways’ Project Manager for Customer Services said; ” For our customers this technology has a genuine “wow” factor and takes the stress out of the airport experience.

“This is giving hundreds of our customers first hand experience of what we mean by 21st Century Travel”.