New Value Pass Offers Discounts On Business Fares

British Airways’ passengers will be able to buy full fare domestic and Club Europe
e-tickets in bulk and redeem a discount of 10 to 18 per cent in return for payment up front. The launch of Value Pass, on February 1, follows a successful trial of the pass with selected travel agents last summer.

Value Pass is part of a package of recent initiatives put together by British Airways for small to medium sized companies. These include the roll out of the corporate rewards programme - On Business - last Autumn and the development of a new on-line business travel management system - Your Travel Manager.

The purchase of Value Pass is made in one payment up-front and the customer receives a discount depending on which type of Value Pass is bought and the route. The tickets are available on almost 30 domestic and short haul routes, including services from Birmingham and Manchester.

There are two types of Value Pass. An individual traveller can buy 5 returns over four months. This represents savings of up to £113 on journeys from London to Manchester, £138 to Edinburgh, £292 to Stockholm and £490 for Manchester to Rome, compared to buying the tickets on an individual basis.

Up to four people can buy a group Value Pass, which is valid for 25 return tickets over a twelve month period. This represents an average saving of £565 on journeys from London to Manchester, £690 to Edinburgh, £1,460 to Stockholm and £2,800 for Manchester to Rome.


Tiffany Hall, British Airways Head of UK & Ireland Sales said: “The trial proved so successful that we are delighted to be able to offer significant savings to passengers who fly regularly on one route.”

New Value Pass Offers Discounts on Business Fares…2

All tickets will be issued as e-tickets, which offer the flexibility of changing travel plans up to half an hour before flight departure. Passengers with hand baggage can check-in under a minute at a self-service machine. British Airways’ Executive Club members or those travelling in Club Europe can check-in by telephone.

All agents who use CRS can book Value Pass for their customers and receive payment from British Airways up front.