Summer Holidays Made Easy

Children love the idea of summer holidays but usually hate getting there. This summer British Airways intends to change that by putting even more kids entertainment on board.

Along with the current dedicated on-board children’s channel, ‘Nickelodeon’, the newly introduced ‘Family Channel’ will keep kids amused with films such as ‘Ice Age’, and ‘Monsters Inc’ whilst a new pure pop audio channel will allow them to keep up with the latest chart music.
The award winning High Life magazine will feature dedicated articles about travelling with children. July’s edition will include a ‘Kids Guide to the World’ offering advice on where to take children, a ‘London Column’ on things to do in England’s capital and a ‘Global view’, a special article on children flying the world.

Perhaps most exciting is the return of the British Airways ‘log book’. Following the receipt of letters from all over the world begging that it be re-introduced, the book will again be available to children to buy for just £1. The log book allows children to collect a signature from the Captain certifying their flight. As the books have been around since the 1960s we suspect it may prove popular with some of our slightly older customers too!

Other products on offer at a price to suit the young traveller’s wallet will be sharing packs of sweets, wrap-around sunglasses, Barbie fun radio packs, magic mood watches and electronic trolls with their own personalities known as Zudes.
All of this added to the usual family seat pre-reservation and early boarding, free push chairs to the aircraft side, Britax infant seats and baby cots, Disney activity packs, a feed kids first policy and specially designed children’s meals will mean the time will literally fly by, leaving parents time to relax and enjoy the start of their holiday too.