easyJet on average 40% cheaper than BA or bmi!

easyJet is dismissing the recent claims by BA and bmi that they have lowered their fares to compete with the low-cost carriers as “a load of hype”.

easyJet has launched a national advertising campaign with the headline “Don`t B A mad dog in the midday sun”, explaining to business travellers that if they want to fly at peak business times, they won`t find BA and bmi`s “new lower fares”, and that easyJet are still on average 40% cheaper than both full service carriers.

“BA and bmi are insulting business passengers by talking up supposedly lower fares, but not actually putting their money where their mouth is” explains Ray Webster, easyJet CEO.

easyJet carried out fare comparisons of weekday business day returns from London airports to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast, and from Liverpool/Manchester airports to Belfast, between 24 June and 26 July 2002. easyJet fares were on average 40% cheaper than both BA and bmi.

For example, on Tuesday 25 June, the easyJet return fare from London to Edinburgh is £95, but £238 with BA and £208 with bmi.1


Ray Webster adds: “We offer continuous low business fares, whereas the full service carriers “new lower fares” are useless for business travelers as they are only available when meetings are already in full swing”.

n Fare comparisons researched 20 June 2002, for the average lowest day return fares, for travel between 24 June - 26 July 2002, for flights departing before 08:30am and return departures between 16:30 and 19:00 (or if the next available flight if nothing else available in this time period) from London airports to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and from Liverpool/Manchester to Belfast.