Cathay Pacific Cooks Local Hot Pot Rice for First Class

Cathay Pacific Airways today previewed the menus for the new Hot Pot Rice and special Chinese Summer Soup being served in the First Class cabin of its flights to and from North America in June and July. The launch of the Hot Pot Rice menu follows an enthusiastic reaction from passengers to the special Chinese Winter Soups introduced in Cathay Pacific`s First Class earlier this year.

The Hot Pot Rice dishes are individually prepared in the Cathay Pacific Catering Services kitchen in Hong Kong, and are served piping hot in traditional earthenware pots specially produced for the airline by Japanese manufacturer Noritake.

On flights from Hong Kong this month the speciality is Steamed Pork with Black Bean Sauce on Rice. The soup is a Chicken Soup with White Fungus and Coconut. Next month the Hot Pot Rice will be Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausage. The Chinese soup in July will be Wax Gourd Soup with Pork, Chicken and Black Mushroom. The return flights will feature different recipes to enhance variety.

The Summer Soup and Hot Pot Rice dishes will be available together on all flights to and from Hong Kong and Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Summer Soups are also available on selected Cathay Pacific flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland and London.

Cathay Pacific has a growing reputation for the quality Chinese food it serves inflight. The airline will soon launch the fourth season of its popular Best Chinese Food in the Air promotion in conjunction with a top Hong Kong restaurant. Last month it hosted a three-day workshop for over 40 chefs representing the inflight kitchens of every airport it flies to. The chefs - who in total travelled well over a quarter of a million miles to attend - visited local restaurants, toured fresh food markets, and discussed the best techniques for creating the freshest, tastiest Chinese cuisine inflight.


Today a good choice of Chinese food is an essential ingredient for many Asian passengers, and an added attraction of flying on Cathay Pacific Airways for many foreign visitors to this region.