General Strike in Spain on 20 June: Disruption Expected

On Thursday 20 June, a general strike is planned throughout Spain, which is anticipated to cause severe disruption to transport links in the country. This will affect public transport services as well as all airlines operating services in Spain.

easyJet is making every effort to minimise the impact of the strike action on that day, but disruption to flights operating to and from Spain is expected. The precise level of disruption is still unclear at this stage, and easyJet will provide more detailed information as it becomes available.

In addition, passengers should be aware that public transport to and from Spanish airports is likely to be severely disrupted.

Passengers booked onto flights to and from Spain on Thursday 20 June who wish to rearrange their flight should ring the easyJet Call Centre by 28 June 2002 to arrange a free transfer onto another service on the same route. Those passengers flying to or from Spain on that day who now do not wish to travel should complete the the refund claim form in the “contact us” section here at