FAA Proposes Fine Against American for Cargo Security Violations

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of
Transportation’s Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) announced today
that it is seeking $536,000 in civil
penalties from American Airlines for
multiple alleged cargo security
violations uncovered in October 2000.

FAA special agents discovered the
alleged violations between Oct. 11 and
20, 2000, during a special nationwide
assessment of American’s compliance
with FAA-required cargo security
procedures. Inspectors found the
airline failed to comply with
requirements relating to cargo
acceptance, screening of cargo,
training of screening personnel, and
maintenance of training records for
cargo acceptance and screening
personnel. The alleged violations took
place at eight airports in the United

The announcement of the civil penalty
proposed today is being made in
accordance with the FAA’s policy of
releasing information to the public on
enforcement actions that involve
penalties of $50,000 or more. The
details of this action are issued in
accordance with the Sensitive Security
Information rule which states the
agency will not release such
information for 12 months after the
event occurs to avoid divulging
potential vulnerabilities in the
aviation system.