Taiwanese Decision on SQ006

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations, IFALPA, welcomes the news that
the three crew of the Singapore Airlines Flight SQ006 will not be prosecuted by the Taiwanese
The accident occurred in Taipei airport in October 2000 and the pilots were detained in Taiwan for a number
of months, before being released to return to Singapore. However, they remained under threat of criminal
From the start the Taiwanese authorities made considerable efforts to ensure that their investigation process
was in line with the Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation,
ICAO, and with best international practice. The logic of that decision to aim for “best practice” always had
to be that there should be no-prosecution of the pilots.
IFALPA welcomes the commitment that the Taiwanese authorities have shown to promoting flight safety and
recognises the considerable resources they committed to the investigation of the SQ006 accident.
IFALPA, now calls upon the Singaporean authorities to expedite the process of re-validating the pilots flying
licences, so that they can return to full employment status.
Finally IFALPA recognises the very considerable support it received from many authorities and aviation
bodies in the campaign to stop the wrongful criminal prosecution of these pilots.
IFALPA represents over 100,000 Pilots and Flight Engineers in more than 90 National Pilot Associations and is THE GLOBAL VOICE OF PILOTS