Ryanair: Over 15,000 Seats on Sale for 5Kr to London

Ryanair Europeå‘s largest low fares airline today (14th June) celebrated the 5th anniversary of the arrival of low fares and competition in Scandinavia. It is now 5 years since the launch of Ryanairå‘s first low fare route from Stockholm to London.

In 5 years Ryanair have carried over 1 million passengers on our Stockholm to London route and are now carrying over 1.5 million passengers each year to and from Scandinavia.

Speaking today in Stockholm, Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O Leary said;

“Ryanair’s arrival in Stockholm 5 years ago revolutionised air travel in Scandinavia by bringing low fares, consumer choice and competition to SAS. In every market we have entered, Ryanair generates huge traffic growth, creates thousands of jobs in both tourism and in the Scandinavian economy.

“Scandinavian consumers love Ryanair. Before we entered the market, SAS was charging extortionately high airfares. Ryanair has broken this high fares monopoly by operating 7 low fare routes to and from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, offering fares that are up to 99% cheaper than SAS high fares.


“Ryanair will continue to offer the lowest fares to and from Scandinavia and to celebrate our 5th anniversary we are offering 15 thousand seats for just 5SEK or 5NOK or 5DKK to fly to London. These fares will only be on sale this Saturday for travel in the month of August on selected flights from Scandinavia to London.”