SAS Airline: New Distribution Concept Provides Lower Prices Via the Internet

SAS Airline has decided to introduce a new distribution concept in Scandinavia, effective January 1, 2003. The airline will then start to apply net prices, while reducing prices by an amount equivalent to the previous commission.
At the same time, SAS Airline and travel agencies will begin to charge for their services, as most Scandinavian travel agencies already do. This means that, from the New Year, the price of traveling with SAS will vary according to the customer’s choice of sales channel and level of service. At SAS Airline, it will be less expensive to book via the Internet than via telephone sales.

“Our assessment is that this concept will lead to increased pricing competition and greater efficiency in the travel industry, which will benefit travelers,” says S¿ren Jespersen, who is responsible for SAS Airline’s sales.

This decision was taken after extensive discussions with travel agencies and industry associations.

“The travel agencies are SAS Airline’s largest and most important sales channel and we are investing in long-term cooperation with them,” says S¿ren Jespersen. “It is therefore particularly pleasing that the new structure has received strong support from most of the parties involved.”