Ryanair to Give Away 6000 Free Seats to and from Germany

Lufthansa canå‘t beat Ryanairå‘s low fares and Germany canå‘t beat Ireland either.

Lufthansa was too scared to take up Ryanair’s bet to give away free seats if Germany beat Ireland in the World Cup. Since the match finished in a draw and to celebrate both Ireland and Germany qualifying for the next round, Ryanair will at Midnight on Friday 14th June announce details of the day on which all seats on its 12 routes to and from Germany will be sold for €0.00*, for one day only. These details will be posted on Ryanair’s website WWW.RYANAIR.COM at Midnight on Friday 14th June.

Ryanair is also celebrated a major victory over Lufthansa in the German courts. On Friday last, the Appeal Court in Cologne overturned Lufthansa’s injunction to prevent Ryanair calling Frankfurt Hahn by its legal name of Frankfurt Hahn.
Welcoming this latest victory for Ryanair over Lufthansa and the qualification of both Ireland & Germany for the 2nd phase of the World Cup, Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O Leary said;

“When Ryanair entered the German market at Frankfurt Hahn this year, we promised lower prices and real competition to Lufthansa. Lufthansa can’t beat Ryanair’s low fares and can’t beat Ryanair in court either, we will also deliver on our promise to reduce our prices to free* this weekend. This free* seats offer proves yet again that German consumers always win with Ryanair.

“We wish Germany and Ireland continued success in the World Cup and may the best team win….as long as its Ireland!!!!”


(*free seats will be sold for a fare of €0.00, passengers will have to pay applicable taxes and credit card fees.)