Tighter Sucurity Controls on Hand-Carried Baggage

In a campaign organised jointly by all airlines operating at Vienna, the admissible size and weight of hand-carried baggage will be subject to even more precise restrictions in future. The new measures are designed to tighten up in-flight security and to make it quicker and easier for passengers to stow hand-carried baggage in the cabin of the aircraft. According to the new regulations, items of hand-carried baggage may measure up to 55 x 40 x 25 cm and weigh a maximum of 8 kg, while foldable clothes bags may be slightly larger, at 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

From 17 June 2002, the dimensions of the ‘frame’ of hand-carried baggage items will be subject to stricter checks. The new restrictions will apply at all central and non-central X-ray scanner checkpoints operating at Vienna Airport. It is the duty of VIAS security staff to carry out these checks and to send any hand-carried baggage exceeding the restrictions back to the airline responsible. The airline will then be required to check in the offending item for transportation in the hold of the aircraft.

In order to make baggage handling and flight procedures as smooth and punctual as possible, the Austrian Airlines Group requests that all passengers take the tighter security regulations at Vienna Airport into account when presenting their hand-carried baggage for inspection.