American Airlines Workers Make Aviation History as They Finish TWA Livery Project Ahead of Schedule

ST. LOUIS - Workers at the American Airlines Kansas City Maintenance Base have won a spot in aviation history today as they completed re-branding a record of 130 TWA airplanes in just nine months. The re-branding project began last September, just months after American Airlines acquired TWA in April of 2001, and just days after the same group of workers finished adding inches to the legroom in the coach section of the majority of the TWA fleet to match American Airlines` More Room Throughout Coach product.

The entire former TWA MD-80 and 757 fleets now sport the American Airlines “Silver Bird” livery, after Kansas City workers stripped, polished, and painted them. The Silver Bird livery consists of red, white, and blue striping on brilliant polished aluminum, with the American Airlines logo on the tail and the company’s name on the fuselage. The former TWA 767s will not be re-branded, as they will be retired next year.

“Completion of this project is a monumental step in finishing the integration of TWA into American Airlines,” said Don Carty, CEO and Chairman of American Airlines. “It`s fitting that the smoothest and largest airline integration should also make aviation history as the fastest re-branding project ever completed. My congratulations and thanks go out to the Kansas City workers.”

“We know of no other airline or vendor that has re-branded 130 planes in just nine months,” said David Campbell, Vice President of the Kansas City Base. “We believe that is because no other airline or vendor has employees with the skills and determination shown by American Airlines employees. This project is just one example of the American Airlines spirit that does not waver when facing a challenge.” Approximately 250 American Airlines employees worked on six paint lines to finish the project. It t ook about a week to re-brand each aircraft. Those employees will now be transitioned to other projects, including a new 737-800 MBV (main base visit) line that will open in July. American Airlines also recently opened a 767-300 MBV line at the Kansas City Base.