Schiphol Group and KLM Arbo Services Combine First Aid Services in New Joint Venture

Airport Medical Services is the name of the new organisation established by Schiphol Nederland BV and KLM Arbo Services BV. The joint venture combines the services of Medische Dienst Schiphol (Schiphol Medical Services) and the First Aid/Travel Clinic of KLM Arbo Services, provided at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The new company`s core activities comprise (emergency) medical assistance such as first aid, advice to travellers, vaccinations and ambulance services for passengers, airline crews, employees, visitors and many of the companies operating at the airport and its environs. The new company also plays a key role in the airport’s emergency plan.
Airport Medical Services will provide services at competitive rates.

Mrs Paula T.C.M. Knape (42) has been appointed director of the new company, which will employ around 80 people.

Schiphol Group is legally obliged to provide emergency medical services at the airport. KLM Arbo Services has provided medical services to organisations such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for many years. Both organisations also offer commercial health and travel services. The establishment of Airport Medical Services fulfils the desire of both companies to continue to optimally meet customer requirements. The move should create an effective organisation, make it easier for the customer, lead to cost reduction by jointly using locations plus equipment and combining knowledge and expertise. The new company’s customers include passengers, airline crews, employees, visitors, many of the companies operating at the airport and its environs and airlines and offshore oil companies. On a yearly basis the two organisations together provide first aid treatment to some 24,000 people, give travel advice and vaccinations to around 22,000 people and provide emergency ambulance transportation on the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol premises for some 1,800 people. In addition, they also handle around 800 external ambulances deployed by (emergency) service centres to transport sick passengers returning from abroad.

Integration of the services provided by both organisations is already underway, completion of which is expected within a few months. The current centres in Departure Hall 2, above check-in desk 16 and the F Pier, will merge later this year and continue operating from the location in Departure Hall 2. Airport Medical Services also has a centre at Schiphol Oost.