Northwest Resumes Evening Schedule From Memphis Hub To 71 Destinations

MEMPHIS, TENN. å- (June 6, 2002) å- Northwest Airlines today reported that Friday will mark the first day of the resumption of its evening schedule of nonstop flights to 71 destinations from its Memphis hub. The flights, as previously announced, are being restored in response to increased customer demand.

As previously announced, the carrier is offering double WorldPerks frequent flier miles on all Northwest flights traveling to, from or through Memphis from June 7, 2002, until August 7, 2002.

“We are pleased to again offer our customers evening flight choices to dozens of destinations through our Memphis hub,” said Jim Cron, vice president of Market Planning and Airlinks. “We hope that the outpouring of support we have received from the greater Memphis community and customer demand for these flights will make this expanded schedule a commercial success.”

In October of 2001, Northwest eliminated the last schedule of flights from its three domestic hubs at Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Memphis as part of a general reduction in flying following a steep decline in travel demand.

“Memphis is looking forward to utilizing Northwest’s evening schedule,” said Larry Cox, president of the Memphis and Shelby County Airport Authority. “The return of Northwest’s schedule of evening flights will make it easier to conduct one-day business trips from, to or through Memphis.”


Northwest is offering double frequent flier miles on entire one-way itineraries within the 50 United States and Canada that include travel through Memphis, Tenn.

Travel on any Northwest or Northwest Airlink-operated flight between June 7, 2002, and August 7, 2002, qualifies. Specific terms and conditions apply and advance registration is required. Customers may register or find more information on Northwest’s Memphis Double Miles offer at, and use registration number 5046. WorldPerks members may also register by telephone at 1-888-955-7878.