Northwest Suggests Twin Cities Customers Take Advantage

Northwest Airlines today urged its domestic customers originating their travel from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP) to take advantage of three convenient check-in and security checkpoint options that will help them save time and avoid lines.

The carrier noted that by using the Skycap Service on the left most curbside of the Lindbergh Terminal departures level, clearing security at the Skyway Security Checkpoint on the skybridge connecting the C and G concourses, and by checking in electronically, customers can reduce the amount of time they spend waiting in line.

“As we approach the busy summer travel season, we want our customers to be aware of every line-busting option that Northwest has made available to them,” said Joe Taney, vice president of Customer Service at Minneapolis/St. Paul. “By simply heading in a slightly different direction as passengers approach the terminal by car or from the parking lot, Northwest customers can obtain a boarding pass and get to their gate within minutes.”

Customers wishing to take advantage of Northwest’s time-saving skycap luggage check-in service can save even more time and avoid lines by utilizing Northwest’s “Skycap Service-Left Side” station, located on the left-most curbside of the departures level in front of the Lindbergh Terminal.

Northwest Skycap Service-Left Side is staffed daily from 5 a.m. - 9 p.m. and consistently has the shortest lines of any Northwest skycap station at MSP. Northwest has added signage along the driveway to help guide customers to this convenient alternative as they approach the departures level of the Lindbergh Terminal.


Northwest has also taken steps to shorten lines at security checkpoints. Over the last six months, the airline has added seven checkpoints in the main terminal, reducing line waits by creating more checkpoint capacity.

For customers with no luggage to check, the Skyway Security Checkpoint located at the middle of the Skyway pedestrian bridge connecting the C and G concourses has the shortest lines at the airport.

Customers traveling domestically using an electronic ticket and having no luggage to check can obtain their boarding pass at Northwest’s nearby “E-Service Center” self-service check-in kiosk in front of the checkpoint and shorten the time spent walking to the A and B concourses, gates 8-28 on the C concourse, and gates 11-22 on the G concourse. The Skyway Security Checkpoint is also conveniently located to Northwest’s WorldClub on the C concourse.

There are two ways to reach the Skyway Security Checkpoint. Customers parking their car in the general parking lot should park in the Red or Blue sections, take the elevator to the 2nd level, and then follow the signs to the Skyway Security Checkpoint. Customers who are being dropped off should exit on the left most curb near the parking structure, take the elevator to level “T” (the tram/transit level), board the tram to the Skyway Security Checkpoint, exit the tram and take the elevator to the 2nd level, where they will see the signs for the Skyway Security Checkpoint.

The Skyway Security Checkpoint is open daily for departing passengers from 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. Arriving passengers can exit the concourse through this checkpoint until 11 p.m.

New this summer, Northwest will staff the checkpoint with two Customer Service Agents who can assist customers with check-in at Northwest’s E-Service Centers or holders of paper tickets.

This summer, Northwest will offer more self-service check-in options to customers beginning their travel in Minneapolis/St. Paul than ever before. Check-In, which allows e-ticket customers traveling within the U.S. to obtain their boarding pass at Northwest’s Web site between 90 minutes and 24 hours prior to departure, was recently expanded to include travel from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. For customers who wish to use Northwest’s E-Service Center self-service check-in kiosks, summer travelers will find five additional centers available where they can both obtain a boarding pass and check their luggage. In total, Northwest customers departing MSP have a total of 75 E-Service Centers at their disposal, 43 for those who wish to obtain a boarding pass, and now a total of 32 for those who also wish to obtain a boarding pass and check luggage.

Currently, 1 out of every 3 of Northwest’s domestic e-ticket customers systemwide take advantage of self-service check-in at an E-Service Center or Check-In.

Northwest Airlines is the world`s fourth largest airline with hubs at Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis, Tokyo and Amsterdam and more than 1,400 daily departures. With its travel partners, Northwest serves nearly 750 cities in almost 120 countries on six continents. For more information pertaining to Northwest, media inquiries can be directed to Northwest Media Relations at (612) 726-2331 or to Northwest’s Web site at