Northwest Airlines Statement Concerning Landing Gear Collapse

MINNEAPOLIS (June 3, 2002)—Northwest Airlines flight 877, a DC9 aircraft from Louisville, KY to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport experienced a right main landing gear collapse upon arrival at approximately 7:31 p.m. CDT. The flight carried 66 passengers and a crew of four.

Passengers and crew left the aircraft using air stairs provided by the Metropolitan Airport Commission. Initial reports indicate no injuries to passengers or crew. Passengers have been bused to the terminal. Twenty-five of the 27 passengers with connecting flights were able to depart Minneapolis/St. Paul this evening. The remaining two connecting passengers elected to take flights tomorrow morning. Thirty-nine passengers concluded their travels at Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Northwest Airlines is cooperating with the Federal authorities on this incident.

For more information pertaining to Northwest, media inquiries can be directed to Northwest Media Relations at (612) 726-2331 or to Northwest’s Web site at